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Sound of HarmonyArtistic expression meets musical perfection.

Steinway & Sons, long recognized as the maker of the world's finest pianos, began creating Art Case pianos in 1857. Over the years these legendary instruments have graced art art collections, museums and private homes around the world—even the White House in Washington, D.C.

Today, Steinway & Sons is proud to continue the creation of these artistic masterpieces, and to dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every aspect of the designing and buying experience is as extraordinary for our valued customers as the instruments themselves.

Every Art Case piano is unique, the ultimate Steinway experience. Each instruments reflects the artistry of the designer and the unique aesthetic sensibility of the owner. Like a work of fine art or a haute couture garment, Art Case designs represent the pinnacle of luxury, exclusivity and taste. You can take pride in the assurance that the piano you own is the only one like it in the world—an elegant design that will never be replicated.

A Steinway & Sons Art Case is truly a decorative masterpiece, brought to life by the genius and passion of master craftsmen. Handmade to the uncompromising quality standards of every Steinway & Sons piano, an ArtCase is as impressive to the eye as it is to the ear.

How it Works: Custom design by modern masters.

A custom-designed piano is the perfect marriage of sound and craftsmanship. Just as every Steinway & Sons piano has its own distinctive voice, every owner has his or her unique personality. Choosing a special collection Steinway piano can be the ultimate expression... of you.
Here's how it works:

Springtime Art CaseThe Commissioning Process

Our Custom Pianos Division offers you the option of creating the perfect self-expression with a unique design based on your original ideas—or one inspired by our extensive portfolio. From subtle embellishments to opulent creations that feature intricate carvings, elaborate paintings or gilded rosettes, the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination.

Roger Williams Gold Art CaseInspiration Realized

The next step is a visual presentation that typically includes an inspiration board: a carefully gathered collection of images that reflect your expressed ideas. This provides a springboard for developing creative concepts—along with suggested materials and application techniques—which our design team will then present using a combination of illustrations and computer renderings.

Europa Art CaseA Collaborative Experience from Vision to Execution

A Collaborative Experience from Vision to Execution The production of a custom Art Case piano can take 12 months or more, depending onthe complexity of the design. We carefully document the creative journey of every custom piano and provide the owner with a visual account of their piano's creation. Throughout production of your commissioned Art Case, you will be continually updated on the progress of your piano, ensuring a uniquely collaborative process—from concept to delivery.

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